CQC Inspection and Compliance

As per the Health and Social Care Act 2008, all care homes must be registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Vital Health Systems can help you achieve and maintain a consistent higher inspection rating standard – ensuring your care for patients is of a high calibre.

The Vital Web App enables you to:
    •  Help staff keep track of medication administration.
    • Give management access to an audit trail to access and reflect on how to improve services in the care home environment.
    • Encourage better record keeping.
    • Ease the burden on busy staff through easy-to-use software.

Our software has been designed to address the five main questions a CQC inspection is based upon:


Are they safe?

By incorporating Vital Health Systems into your care home’s network, your patients will be regularly monitored, your staff and appointed GPs will have access to an easy-to-use system and all relevant health data is at your fingertips. Your team is alerted to changes, can keep an eye on patients who appear unwell and can communicate this information to other health professionals, in charge of the welfare of that individual.


Are they caring?

Your team of nurses and healthcare assistants can tend to patients with compassion and efficiency through the use of the Vital Web App. By maintaining this high standard throughout by simply following the structure of our Web App, staff handovers are made easier, so you can keep track of your patients health needs.


Are they responsive to people’s needs?

Vital Health Systems Web App has been developed to alert you and your team to any changes in a patient’s health. Readings can be charted and flagged with ease, so you can stay one step ahead of a patient’s health and ensure they get the care they need.


Are they well-led?

Providing care via the Vital Web App allows managers, team leaders and nursing staff to work together in the care of the elderly . The entire team will be trained to use the software and we will hold regular feedback sessions to ensure you are making the most of this data recording feature on the software.


Backed Up

All patient data is automatically backed up to our secure cloud-based servers. As a care home, this not only allows you to keep full and current records but eliminates the need for paper copies and files. Records can be accessed by relevant health professionals elected by you such as GPs and healthcare groups for auditing purposes – helping your home to achieve improve and maintain CQC goals.