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Your home will be provided with specially formatted tablets to access the Vital Web App Network.

Our products are checked for reliability and durability so they can be easily used to access the web app through the web browser. Restrictions can be adjusted in our software in accordance to the needs of the care home.

Peripheral scanners:

Uploading and saving essential documents is made easy with a portable snap scanner. All scanned information can be easily and securely uploaded to the Vital Health Systems Web App and allocated to the relevant patient profile.

Security tablet docks:

Keeping your hardware safe and secure is a priority. We offer tablet docks, so your staff can secure the device before leaving their shift.

Customisable and adaptable to meet your organisation’s needs

The Vital Health Systems software is customisable and flexible. No matter the size of your care home, the number of patients or staff members, when you purchase one of our packages we will ensure it meets the needs of your organisation.
As well as helping you to install and implement the software within the home – plus providing customer support – your package choice provides you with programmed devices to carry out your duty of care.

Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs.

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