Care Home Benefits


Helping your care home to go paper free, reduce waste and become digitalised.

By utilising the Vital Health Systems clinical management software, all notes and readings are automatically stored onto the web app and backed up safely on our secure cloud-based server. Medical referral letters can easily be scanned and uploaded onto patient specific profiles, keeping all important data organised in one place. Our system will reduce your care home’s paper files and records, thus increasing the care homes compliance of maintaining and protecting patient confidential data.

Unified Secure platform

Our platform uses enhanced security to help you to gather complex, yet essential health information easily and promote data protection in line with GDPR regulations.

All necessary health information is stored on one platform, making access and usability much easier. Professionals can access documents and statistics as and when needed. The system has been developed with a high level of security to ensure patient confidentiality remains of the utmost importance.


Enhancing compliance for a better patient experience and CQC rating is at the top of our list in priorities.

Real time record keeping, and medication reviews ensure that individual patient’s needs are being met, times and dates are automatically documented, and the entire record-keeping process is simplified.

Vital Health Systems supports your team to make timely notes and recordings, so that patients with ailing health are properly monitored and changes are documented. Enhanced record keeping skills are an essential aspect of CQC regulations which are strongly investigated at inspections. The Vital Web App aims to help to maintain or boost your organisation’s CQC rating.


Secure alerts can be sent to GPs and health professionals, for added patient protection.

To support you to provide the highest level of patient care, Vital Health Systems Web App has been developed to allow more seamless integration amongst patients, nursing carers and GPs to allow a faster and more efficient means of care to patients who need it.

Our easy to use format allows not only nurses but also patients themselves to see any changes in their health on a regular basis – for example a change in blood pressure or weight. Such readings could indicate deterioration in a patient’s health and this information can be passed onto the GP or hospital for intervention. Keeping a closer eye on your patient’s health is a huge motivation for family members and could help to increase your occupancy levels, leading to a more successful business operation.


When we first set out to design Vital Health, we wanted our system to be simply made that even residents could use it themselves whilst also maintaining a powerful architecture, so health professionals were able to see the diagnostic need for it. Our training will involve helping you to implement, install and integrate Vital Health Systems in your care home. Here we will show both staff and residents how easy it is to use on a daily basis.

Introducing new technology can be a daunting process for any organisation, so our team will support you from the outset. We will initially ensure your network is capable of supporting the system and make recommendations of how to improve it if necessary. We will provide thorough training to all staff who will be using the Vital Web App and show you how to input patient profiles and data. We will also work alongside you to train local GPs associated with your practice to use and understand the Vital Web App for a better patient care and response.

Our customer support services are UK-based, and we’ll always be on hand to answer questions and queries.

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