For Patients

Giving patients and residents control over their health

As a care home or nursing home, your patients have individual needs. While some need constant care and attention, others lead active, healthy lives. Our revolutionary software has been designed to give patients and residents more control over their health and feel more independent while living in assisted accommodation.



Looking after the health and wellbeing of fit and active residents.

Not only does the Vital Web App allow recording of health statistics, it also tracks readings such as weight, activity levels and general wellbeing. It can help your team understand a resident’s emotional health as well as their physical health. For example, have they completed any physical activity, are they keeping to their physiotherapy regime? Residents are encouraged to stay active and fit through the recording of healthy behaviour such as exercise and diet. Our software also enables users to log nutrition records which can help us understand a patients eating habits and to ensure they are eating healthy to prevent deterioration which is important for a healthy wellbeing.


Health Camps

Keeping residents active and independent. The Vital Health Systems team encourages your care home to set up daily or weekly health camps – where residents who are fit and able to meet with staff to take their assisted health readings and discuss how they can improve their physical health. This helps to promote patient independence and understanding of their personal health needs.


Feedback Driven

Promoting discussion and debate about health. Through easily accessible health information, nursing staff, GPs and residents can work together to improve health and wellbeing. By discussing changes in weight or levels of physical activity, your helpful team can suggest ways for patients to feel better and stronger. Residents can report whether changes in medication have had a positive or negative impact on their health. This data is invaluable to healthcare professionals and can ascertain whether a certain regime ormedication is working for the patient. Therefore an appropriate intervention can be planned.



Giving residents a purpose and focus to stay healthy. One of the Vital Web App’s key aims is to help patients and residents improve their health through taking responsibility for their own needs. At daily or weekly health camps, staff can share the results of a resident’s health readings and show them easy-to-grasp charts. This visual may encourage an individual to take more responsibility and reflect on their own positive health. By seeing readings and changes on the app, we want to empower residents to take ownership of their health and improve quality of life.